At our Homeopathic Community Health Clinics we believe in treating the whole person, giving natural medicine and general life-style advice to support your health. Preventative treatment is an important part of our work. 


How do we do this?


By practising in the heart of the community, we want to make homeopathy more accessible and affordable, allowing regular, consistent treatment. We keep our consultation fees as low as possible by enabling our clinics to be a teaching space at times for our students. Our appointments are shorter than with a private homeopathic practitioner.



What is a Community Interest Company?


As a Community Interest Company, any profits we make go back into our services for the community.

We also offer treatment free of charge via selected, official community care enterprises.



What is Homeopathy?


It is a holistic system of natural medicine made from highly diluted and shaken substances sourced from nature. Our medications (remedies) help harmonise the body into activating its own self-healing. By taking the whole person into account  we look into your mental health to allow us to help you make a better balance within your whole being to create wellness.



How are homeopathic remedies made?



How do I take homeopathic remedies?

Taking homeopathic remedies is very simple: they should be put straight into a clean mouth, without water and sucked for a few minutes. Some people prefer to put them under their tongue. Powders and liquid remedies can be dropped into the mouth, straight onto the tongue.

The curing power of remedies can be antidoted and it is important not to touch the remedies with your hands - especially if you are giving the remedy to someone else.

Keep homeopathic remedies away from electrical and magnetic devices, especially mobile phones, strong odours, heat and direct sunlight.

Make sure you do not eat or drink approximately 10 minutes before or after taking a remedy to give it the best possible chance of working effectively.

It is advisable to cut out stimulating drinks, such as coffee and strong tea whilst undergoing homeopathic treatment. This is because these drinks can disturb the curative response or even antidote the remedy you are taking.

Strong smelling substances can also antidote remedies. Aromatic oils such as tea-tree oil, camphor and menthol and scented products including toothpaste, mints, throat lozenges, some cough mixtures and vapour rubs/inhalations should be avoided.

There are a number of medications and procedures that can affect the power of homoeopathic remedies. These include: Immunisations including 'flu and tetanus vaccines/holiday jabs, the contraceptive pill and HRT, dental treatment and X-rays

If any of the above apply to you or your children,  it is important to provide this information.


How long has it been used for?


Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and was created by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann. Its principles go back as far as Hippocrates - the father of medicine.



Who uses homeopathy?


The royal family down the ages have used homeopathy, including our present Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales. Other well known names include David Beckham, Paul McCartney and Professor David Bellamy.



When & How Much?


Free 10 minute consultations available to find out how we can support you.
Please drop in or book.
Appointments: Adults £20  Children: £15 (a small charge is made for your prescription).   First appointments can take  up to an hour in time with follow-ups up to half an hour.

Telford - runs twice a month on Saturdays

Edenbridge - runs once a month on a Tuesday

Ring our head office on 07496 77326  for  further information or email us through our contact form or ring HCHC Telford or Edenbridge direct - numbers on contact page.