News so Far

HCHC presents...

'How to Survive Christmas!' using Homeopathy on December 15

- a talk not to be missed and being presented twice at 11am and again at 7pm
- over-indulgence, hangovers, Christmas colds – you name it – we should be able to suggest something natural.

Nov 28

HCHC Midlands clinic being prepared for its February 2017 launch – exciting news for local keen homeopathic graduates and students who are eager to start working in the community.

Watch this space for East Sussex and North London for 2017.....

Nov 17

HCHC first-aid talk – part one

Giving a wealth of information with more detailed information on Arnica, Calendula and Hypericum – the big three for your first-aid cupboard.
HCHC introduced 'The Snooks' to simply explain how homeopathy works.

Look out for First-aid – part two in February 2017

Nov 1

First issue of HCHC seasonal newsletter and product advice with common cold suggestions – don't forget to get your Floradix tonic and Echinacea in for the winter months ahead.

Copies available in the South Brent community centre and on-line – all you need to do is sign up on our website and our health information and advice will come direct through to you.

Oct 3

HCHC talk with homeopathic vet Geoff Johnson

A good turn-out, proving that animals really are close to our hearts. If homeopathy can treat animals effectively – maybe the placebo effect hype is somewhat flawed....

Over 300 UK farmers have now been trained in homeopathy with Geoff's help.
It does beg the question – would farmers risk their livelyhood by using homeopathy to treat their livestock?

An informative and thought provoking talk – we will invite Geoff back in 2017 by popular demand!

Sept 10

Mind, Body, Spirit event

South Brent Old School Community Centre

HCHC were there with their stand in between local Shiatsu practitioner Nicholas Millington and the Tai Chi stand which was also selling delicious organic cakes.

Sept 07

Our first clinic!

An excellent start with the clinic almost full with appointments and our free 20 minute information sessions. The South Brent Old School Community Centre reception which we use for our own reception area was busy with local folk going about their business.

Sept 03

HCHC first talk to launch our Homeopathic Community Health Project in South Brent, South Devon – with long-standing homeopath and international lecturer David Mundy. It was well attended by locals and homeopaths alike who couldn't resist a listen to David's well seasoned words.