Radio Interview to close 2016

2016 nearly at a close and HCHC look forward to setting up new clinics in the Midlands and East Sussex.

Our 'Surviving Christmas with Homeopathy' talks went ahead with mulled berry juice and Christamas aromas – giving lots of tips and advice about using Homeopathy at home, together with natural health product advice.

South Brent Radio included us in their live on-air day – please go to link below to have a listen and see what we are up to!

South Brent Patient Testimonial 2016

"I have suffered with leg/hip pain for over sixteen months being unable to walk on numerous occasions. I visited chiropractors, osteopaths, healers, Doctor and hospital without a successful diagnosis. On the 3rd October 2016 I attended a talk on homeopathy at South Brent Old School and asked it homeopathy could help trapped nerves, the answer was affirmative. I attended my first session on the 5th October and two further sessions thereafter now on the 16th. November I am pain free. I cannot thank you enough, Rowena and Sarah have been amazing in their professionalism, understanding, and empathy, I had almost given up hope of ever being pain free. Now I can get on with my life once more, thank you all." Rosemary Bishop, South Brent

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!