What do you eat for breakfast?

Finding out about what you eat and drink is an important part of our homeopathic consultations.

Picture © Leti Kugler

Picture © Leti Kugler

Not everyone likes the same food and our questions on what you take into your body could well find some keys to finding out why your health isn't as good as it could be.  You may like to use salt a lot or have a particularly sweet tooth - you may dislike fat of any kind or eat lots of ice-cream.

Some people prefer fizzy water to plain and won't touch certain foods e.g. oysters.  They prefer cold to hot drinks - they may really like spicy food, eat loads of meat or are vegan by choice.

This information along with your family and medical history, together with information about what puts you emotionally out of balance helps us to create a more rounded view of you.  You may be dealing with a past grief or major work stress, perhaps over-loaded with family life.  We take all this information and choose the best prescription for you.