February News


We're almost through the most challenging month of the year healthwise, so here's hoping that homeopathy is supporting folk out there with helping to improve and boost their constitutions.

Spring is on its way with new HCHC clinics looming on the horizon!

The Homeopathic Supply Company (HSC) has recently generously donated remedy cases, bottles, pillules etc., to help set up our next three clinics with a comprehensive pharmacy. This act of kindness and trust in our HCHC project has more than surpassed our request. So a monumental THANK YOU to them. HSC has a wealth of life enhancing ideas, products and services – please go to www.hsconline.co.uk to find out.

An exciting and informative new film about Homeopathy is to be launched in April this year. Go to: www.justonedropfilm.com and watch the trailer. HCHC will be making plans to show this film to as many people as possible.

So watch the trailer NOW!!! www.justonedropfilm.com and spread the word, send the link......