Help Ease Hayfever with Homeopathy

Are you suffering from Hayfever?

It's that familiar time of year for so many of us where itchy,sore eyes, blocked or runny nose, sneezing and an irritating throat or palate have to be endured.

If you have one of these or a combination, you probably already know that you are likely to be suffering from Hayfever! 

Photo by Luisa Rusche

Photo by Luisa Rusche

Homeopathy Can Help with Hayfever

Homeopathy works very well at supporting these symptoms and to get best results, it is worth consulting a homeopath.

HCHC Telford is a not-for-profit organisation set up to bring affordable homeopathy to all. Our friendly practitioner has advice available to help you now.

Chronic hayfever needs to be treated in the winter to help build up some immunity but it is well worth trying Homeopathy to help with those uncomfortable symptoms now.

Come to our clinic at Meeting Point House and talk to our homeopath, give us a ring on 07454 086208 or click here to find out more about us. 

My 13 year old son, started to develop firsts signs of hay fever a few weeks ago. He was sneezing, had red-itchy eyes and a itchy throat and nose. 
We contacted our homeopath and started our remedies the next day and after the first dose of the remedy, my son’s irritations were much better. Within the next few days the hay fever symptoms cleared almost completely. This weekend my son had a school festival, and had to spend the whole day out in the field. He didn’t have any irritations to his eyes or his nose!

We are very grateful to homeopathy for once more, helping our family to heal.
— N.S.