Hayfever - still suffering?

If you're one of the many people who suffer with this condition, help is at hand with homeopathy which can support acute symptoms happening right now and also help with more long standing symptoms.  It's worth seeing a homeopath and preferably during the winter months to build up your resistance and with appropriate treatment, these uncomfortable symptoms should reduce. If you make an appointment with a homeopathic practitioner they can match your symptoms exactly and prescribe a tailor-made remedy for you.

The symptoms of itchy, sore or swollen eyes, regular sneezing, an itchy palate, runny noses are usually triggered when the body comes into contact with environmental factors such as pollens or allergens.

The deeper, more established symptoms of Hayfever will need careful professional prescribing but there are some very effective remedies you can buy to try and help with your immediate symptoms. If you'd like some help or would like to ask more questions on how to best help with this uncomfortable condition, please visit our clinics for advice.

Allium Cepa – the common onion and well known homeopathic hayfever remedy. Its symptoms have the type of physical reaction you would get from peeling or chopping an onion – eyes burn, smart and become light sensitive - lots of watery, burning discharge with sneezing – the back of the throat is tickly.

Euphrasia - Eyebright (and rightly named!) If your hayfever symptoms are centred on the eyes then this is the remedy to choose. Eyes which swell and itch – you may have a yellow, acrid mucous discharge. The eyes will feel worse from warm wind and air but better from being bathed in cool water. Euphrasia can be taken internally as a remedy but is often included in many natural eyedrops to soothe and relieve the eyes. Ask at our clinic for details.

Sabadilla – sneezing is the focal point of this remedy – frequent, persistent bouts of sneezing with an itchy, tingly nose which can produce a large amount of a watery discharge.

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy sell a very good Hayfever combination which can be bought from them direct (www.helios.co.uk) – or come into one of our HCH Clinics for an appointment or ask for some general advice at one of our FREE 15 minute information sessions. See our Telford clinic website page for details.