Arnica - The number one homeopathic remedy!

ARNICA – Mountain Daisy – Arnica Montana

When you talk of homeopathy, Arnica is something that most people will have heard of as it has so many uses.

It is the number one remedy for accidents/shock/physical exhaustion. Use first for most accidents, injuries or physical traumas, especially good for operations. Arnica can be used externally as a cream but DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN.



This simple but powerful little plant is found all over the world growing on the slopes of mountain valleys, a convenient site where falls and accidents so often occur .

Arnica can be used for all trauma, mental and physical and their effects, whether recent or in the past. It is an essential remedy for any sportsperson who needs any injury dealt with promptly to avoid loss of play. (keep a small bottle of Arnica in their kit bag)

It is an essential remedy to have at home, to keep in the car or better still, carry with you. Once you have experienced the power of Arnica to heal a bruised muscle or sprain, you will never want to be without it again! It has so many uses for pain, aching and bruising and is an important remedy to take for accidents, shock and physical exertion. Arnica will help speed up recovery and reduce any soreness or bruising.

Arnica is very beneficial for any operation. It can help the body with the invasiveness and shock of surgery which in turn helps with any soreness, speeding up general physical recovery. It's also good to help recover from any dental treatment and for mothers after the strain of childbirth. Arnica is the first remedy to take for bruises, sprains and strains of muscles due to over-exertion; from exercise, walking, even too much gardening or housework! It will also help a great deal with relieving weariness and aching muscles after a sleepless night.

Once you've experienced the many benefits of this humble but powerful plant in homeopathic form, you will never want to be without it!