Homeopathic Holiday First Aid

Fear of flying – there are several excellent homeopathic remedies which will support these dreaded feelings of anxiety to help you feel more at ease. Sometimes this type of fear can be so severe for people, it will even prevent them from ever going in a plane. This deeper type of phobia will need to be addressed by a professional homeopath who will look into your symptoms in detail and have many remedies in different strengths to treat you which you are unable to buy over the counter.

But here are a few suggestions worth trying yourself if that apprehensive feeling around taking a holiday flight is there. If you're not sure, then why not come into our clinic at Meeting Point House and take advantage of our free information sessions to see how homeopathy can help you.

Aconite: If you feel terrified about flying and worry that you might die. You may suddenly experience a panic attack with heart palpitations.

Argentum Nitricum: Very often used for symptoms of claustriphobia. So if the thought of being enclosed in a plane and not able to get out – this remedy might well help you. This remedy is for people with vivid imaginations – the 'what if' type of person who will always think of the worst senario.

Arsenicum: this is a definite 'fear of survival' remedy which can take the person over – making them very aggitated and restless.

If you are buying these remedies over the counter in a 6 or 30 strength – please take as directed on the bottle or come in and ask one of our HCHC practitioners for advice. We have 15 minute FREE information sessions.

IMMUNE BOOST for flying

Do you ever pick up a nasty bug when flying? Will get sick once you've landed at your dream destination? Feel so exhausted on arrival that you need at least a few days to recover your energy?

You can help avoid the above by giving your system an immune boost before flying and take a course of Echinacea tincture which is available to buy over the counter at most chemists. Take a week or so before your trip and a few days into your holiday and repeat for your return flight by taking a few days before to help ward off any hostile germs within the plane.

You can now buy Echinacea pastilles which are ideal to suck during a flight and perfect for children.


For those longer flights – a dose of Arnica before, during and after the journey will make you feel less disorientated. It will also help with a loss of sleep during night flights and if you are travelling through different time zones, then come in and ask one our homeopaths about the remdy Cocculus. This remedy made from the Indian cockle can help restore disturbed sleep patterns.

There is a specific combination jetlag remedy which helps support the body on different levels, especially with long-haul flights. Please feel free to come in and ask our advice about how homeopathy can best support you with flying at one of our FREE 15 minute informaiton sessions. See our clinic page details.