Stinging Nettles Can Actually Help Itchy Skin and Burns

We know almost immediately that itchy, raised feeling when we've brushed up against a stinging nettle; but would you believe it that the humble stinging nettle or URTICA URENS to give its official name, is actually an effective homeopathic remedy to treat itchy skin, sunburn and burns!

According to homeopathic understanding, that which a substance is capable of causing, is also capable of curing.  Symptoms which itch and burn are symptom keynotes of a nettle – so when it is used in a Homeopathic remedy, it actually helps ease the itching that the stinging nettle causes.

It can be taken as an internal remedy or used as a topical cream – it's often mixed with Calendula in a cream or an ointment to make it extra soothing.

As well as helping ease nettle stings the cream can be used on a simple burn or if you've been out in too much sun and have burnt your skin. 

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