Hormonal imbalances can sometime plague women all their life with a great deal of discomfort - physically as well as emotionally. From teenage girls suffering right at the beginning of their development into womenhood with period pain and mood swings, to women past their fifties - still experiencing the ill-effects of the menopause with over-heating and anxiety.

Homeopathy can very often support women through these distressing times by taking a full case-history and selecting a remedy or remedies to re-balance the female hormonal system to alleviate these debilitating symptoms.

Below is a heart-felt response by a teenage girl who recently benefitted from homeopathic treatment at our HCH Telford clinic with our resident homeopath Alison Williams.


© Clarisse Meyer

© Clarisse Meyer

"Thank you for giving me homeopathic treatment. I have really noticed a change in myself. I'm not feeling tired anymore and I can control my anger and hormones now, which benefits my family as well as myself. I am not lashing out anymore, so I am not hurting anyone. I have already recommended your homeopathy clinic and I will carry on to do so, so you can help others who suffer like I did as it is unfair that we, as women have to suffer with bad period pain

Once again, I would like to say 'thank you' for your help as I feel like a new person."