Most of us welcome the sunshine to brighten up our day, giving us that 'feel-good' factor. More warm, sunny days should be with us for a few more weeks at least.

Some folk may even take in a few more rays with a holiday abroad. So whether it's at home or away, it's good to take care of our skin and know how to treat it carefully when it may have been over-exposed to the sun's rays.

Belladonna is a common remedy used in homeopathy for symptoms that are hot, throbbing and red and that includes sunburn. Do you recognise the feeling when your skin is tight, red and shiny from too much sun? If this remedy is taken internally, it can bring helpful relief. There is also a remedy called Sol which can be very effective for cases of sunburn - this would need to be ordered from a homeopathic pharmacy. Or you can come into one of our HCHC free information sessions to ask more about it - see our Telford clinic page for dates and times.

Calendula spray is available in most healthfood stores and brings relief in a natural form, as well as Aloe Vera gel - these are two good products to have in your first-aid cupboard.

©Meg Sanchez

©Meg Sanchez

Urtica Urens is another helpful remedy for sunburn and burns in general. It's made from the common Stinging Nettle and the skin will resemble the feeling of being stung by this prickly, stingy plant - itchy and hot. You can also purchase Urtica Urens in a soothing cream or in tincture form which needs to be diluted and used topically for relief. The homeopathic remedy Cantharis is often more appropriate for sunburn or burns that blister.

All the remedies above can be found in the Helios first-aid kits which are available at our clinics - they are a much cheaper way of buying remedies. The kits come with a very good, easy-to-follow guide to help you choose the best remedy for your condition. A set of 18 remedies will cost £29.95.