Anxiety in children is more common than you think and sometimes hard to tackle and get to the root of the problem. Homeopathy can often work well with supporting mental and emotional problems by taking time to explore all those negative thoughts to help turn them around.

©Jordan Whitt

©Jordan Whitt

These troubling feelings for children can even start before a child is one year old with 'separation anxiety' or there may be worry with pre-school fears. Maybe later on in their school life, the pressure of tests and exams is the trigger, or there might be a social problem falling out with friends, even a traumatic break-up with a 'best friend'. Shyness in social situations can also create anxious feelings.

The above triggers will often manifest themselves in irritability, outbursts of anger, becoming tearful or clingy. Children may have difficulty in getting off to sleep or waking at night, sometimes with bad dreams or even disturbing nightmares. They may start to bite their nails or chew at their sleeves.

Teenagers can also experience problems with their social life and might start to avoid social situations. They could have worries about their performance in school, sport or an out-of-school activity. Anxiety about health issues or relationship problems also can come up from time to time with teenagers.

A thorough, detailed case taken by your homeopath will collect together your child's personal emotional issues and match them to a remedy to help them back to a balanced way of feeling, leading them back to a sense of wellbeing and confidence - sometimes even creating a new-found confidence.

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