This second half of the term can often be the most testing for children with increased colds, coughs and ‘flu. Homeopathic constitutional treatment helps build the immune system, making the body less susceptible to ill health.


The beginning of an academic year may bring about a change of school for some children which can sometimes be a difficult transition - homeopathic remedies can help children adjust to the change and cope better.

Homeopathy for children can be an important support in maintaining good health. It works with each child’s constitution, matching remedies to encourage better balance. Our TELFORD HCH clinic offers short FREE information sessions for you and your family to come in and discuss improving your health with us - how we work and how we might support you. 

IMMUNE BOOSTERS - a course of Echinacea and/or a good natural tonic (e.g. Floradix) are worth taking at the first signs of your child’s energy dropping and can help ward off any unwanted symptoms. We have Floradix KINDERVITAL FREE SAMPLES to give away at our clinic - please come in and help yourselves!

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