Spring is here with her wonderful blooms and warmer weather - not always so welcome for hayfever sufferers but help is to hand with homeopathy’s holistic approach using natural remedies. An appointment with a homeopathic practitioner who will individualise your case is an ideal way of treating these unwanted symptoms on a deeper level.


Homeopaths often suggest coming in for a health MOT with every change of season, to give our systems an immune boost which can help us cope better with adjusting to the change of weather. For school children of all ages, visiting a homeopath once a term helps build up a more healthy resistance to those unwanted bugs with constitutional treatment - hopefully preventing less days taken off school.

Our unsettled climate these days can catch us all out by being caught in an unexpected shower or walking in windy weather, sometimes creating a strain on our physical bodies, especially if we are under par. There are many acute homeopathic remedies which you can use to help treat the simple symptoms of coughs, colds, sore throats etc. which we can become susceptible at this time of year. Visit our clinic to find out more.

Day-light saving can also cause tiredness and we need to make sure we get our full quota of sleep - especially for children.

Our low-cost community clinics are available for appointments and free general advice sessions where we can suggest an over-the-counter product or explain how homeopathy might help you.

Welcome the Spring sunshine and get outside as often as you can - fresh air is an excellent remedy and take good care.