Echinacea tincture can be found in most chemists and is a good way of giving your system a boost if you're feeling a little run down or perhaps feel you have a cold coming on. Dr Vogel is a well-known reliable brand. It's also worth taking some a week before your holiday if you are flying to help build up your immune system to ward off any unwanted viruses - take during your holiday and a few days after.


Natural insect repellant Ingognito is a good natural product to take away with you on holiday and is available from Helios Pharmacy in Tunbridge Wells. Incognito is Deet and chemical free and suitable for all the family including babies from 6 months upwards.

Ingognito also have a suncream SPF25 plus insect repellent.

Miranda Castro (OUR PATRON!) sells a wonderful Healing Gel for bites and stings which is 100% natural for babies and children.

Lafe’s baby care products contain no harmful chemicals, so they’re safe for even the most sensitive baby’s skin. Their insect repellent is 100% organic and DEET free.

All the above products can be found at or ring for mailorder on 01892 537254.

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Can respond really well to homeopathic remedies for your acute summer symptoms but can be treated on a deeper level during the winter months to build up immunity to the allergens you are susceptible to. Come in and discuss your hayfever symptoms and our homeopaths can advise the best way homeopathy can help you. As an SOS try the above combination from Helios.

Our drop-in free information sessions can offer you more general advice. For more specific, deeper health issue you will need to take advantage of our low-cost appointments.