With the last weeks of the holiday season remaining, some health symptoms with travel can tend to come up - such as fear of flying, food poisoning and jetlag. With children, homesickness may be an issue or travel constipation can be quite common, as well as needing to be careful with the sun and the possibility of sunstroke.

Homeopathic remedy kits are available to buy and extremely useful for travellers and an economical way of buying a comprehensive range of remedies. They come with instructions about which remedy to choose and how often to take.

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Our HCHC clinics offer free acute advice at our information sessions for the above symptoms if you are going away. So please do drop in or book a slot to talk to us. If you have any health issues that are more pressing which you have had for a while then an appointment with us would be appropriate. We can also tell you where to source the best homeopathic kits over the counter or you can go to www.helios.co.uk and order one on line which can be sent to you the same day.

Our clinic dates for Telford and Edenbridge can be found on this website - these offer free information sessions as well as low-cost appointments for their communities.

Happy, healthy holidays!