Our Patron

Miranda Castro FSHom, CCH, RSHom(NA)

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Miranda is a British homeopath who has been living in the US since 1994. She is a Fellow of the Society of Homeopaths (UK) and past President of the North American Society of Homeopaths. She has been practising classical homeopathy since 1982, and speaking and teaching about homeopathy around the world since 1988.

She is a prolific writer and has written numerous papers for the professional homeopath and countless articles for the home prescriber. She is author the best-selling The Complete Homeopathy Handbook, (over 250,000 copies sold) the much-loved Homeopathy for Mother and Baby (Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth and Your Baby’s First Years in the US), and A Homeopathic Guide to Stress. Homeopathic practitioners and parents-to-be alike find a wealth of helpful healing and homeopathic information in her Mother and Baby book.

Miranda believes passionately that homeopathy is 'medicine for the people' and her writing reflects that: her books have made classical homeopathy spectacularly accessible to the lay person - giving people the tools to accurately and safely select healing remedies for themselves and their families.

As well as working as a volunteer practitioner at the Sunrise Children's Clinic in London, Miranda also supervised the clinic practitioners over a two-year period offering training in areas such as the management of children, parent/child dynamics and child abuse. The Sunrise Clinic was one of the first low cost homeopathic clinics in the UK to offer alternative medical treatment to families on state benefits or low incomes.

She was a regular contributor to The Big Breakfast as the "Resident Homeopath" discussing how homeopathy can be of help to Mothers and Babies with Paula Yates, thereby introducing homeopathy to millions of Brits. She is an engaging and inspiring lecturer and her infectious enthusiasm and her ability to communicate difficult topics in a friendly, engaging and accessible manner come through in all her articles, lectures, tapes/DVDs … and webinars.

She moved to the US in 1994 and has been living in Gainesville Florida since 2006 where she is practicing, writing, teaching, developing healing creams, homeopathic software—and planting an edible, sub-tropical garden! www.mirandacastro.com

Our Founder

Sarah Worne MCPH MARH
Director HCHC


Sarah has been a practising homeopath since 1995. She has a wealth of clinical experience, having set up numerous clinics in the UK. She is passionate about bringing homeopathy into the public domain. Her goal is to give everyone the best opportunity to learn for themselves how this natural system of medicine can be effective. This drive is deeply rooted in her personal use of homeopathy for over forty years, both for herself and her family.

Sarah created HCHC - Homopathic Community Health Clinics, a national project to operate professional, branded, homeopathic clinics in public community centres. These have been developed to offer low-cost treatment and free natural health information as well as to support excellent clinical practice within the homeopathic profession.

The project is an invaluable vehicle for homeopaths to increase their own clinical work, connecting them to communities.

Based in South Devon, Sarah also runs her own private homeopathic clinic. www.sarahworne.com

Telford Lead Homeopath

Anne Dingley WSHom RSHom

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“My passion for Homeopathy began 20 years ago when a friend suggested homeopathic Belladonna for my delirious four year old late one Sunday night. I found my daughter with a raging temperature, trying to climb out of her bedroom window. Her pupils were huge and shiny and she was completely unaware of her surroundings. My friend shot round with a homeopathic remedy and within half an hour my daughter was sound asleep. The next day she was 100% well. The impact of this homeopathic remedy that night was profound.

I went on to train at the Welsh School of Homeopathy, qualifying some 15 years ago, and also been part of Dr Subrata Banerjea’s Calcutta Clinical Programme for post grad studies benefiting from a volume of practical and clinical experiences. I now run my own private practice in Bridgnorth.

I feel the HCHC enterprise has created an option for the public making homeopathy accessible and affordable - I hope it will grow and grow so its benefits can grow nationally. I love working as part of a team with HCHC Telford and look forward to working with more practitioners and help support more and more patients as we expand further into the Telford community.”

Edenbridge Lead Homeopath


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Having graduated from Durham University in 1991, I trained and then worked as a solicitor in London.  I discovered the wonders of homeopathy when I was pregnant with my first child and suffered badly from eczema.  That led me on my path to training to be a homeopath.

After four years of theory and clinical practice, I graduated from The South East College of Homeopathy (SECH) in 2004 and ran a successful practice from home as well as working together with an osteopath at a local clinic.  During that time, I studied for an advanced diploma from Orion Homeopathic Training and a certificate in basic counselling skills.  I also lectured at SECH. After a break to study for a Masters degree, I reopened my practice near Crowborough in 2018 and welcome patients of all ages.  

I am currently training to become a Nutritional Therapist at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition with a view to offering my patients the best advice I can on health and well-being.  I plan to offer both homeopathy and nutritional advice side by side in the future. I live on the edge of the Ashdown Forest with my husband, three grown up children, dogs and chickens. I am a registered and insured member of The Alliance of Homeopaths (ARH).

Edenbridge Homeopath

Claire Joseph LCCH MARH

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I live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent where I run my own private homeopathic practice. I first discovered homeopathy after my son was stillborn in 2008. I was struggling to fall pregnant again and conventional drug therapy proved unsuccessful. Within six months of receiving homeopathic treatment, I fell pregnant with my daughter. I was utterly amazed at the power of the treatment I had received, and this is what inspired me to train as a homeopath myself.

After four years of training, I qualified in 2018 from the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol.

I am passionate about helping people reach their optimal level of health and I am proud to be part for the HCHC team making homeopathy more accessible to our communities.