HCHC South Brent

The Old School Community Centre
South Brent
Devon TQ10 9BP

HCHC formed its first pilot in the South Brent community in the heart of the South Hams in Devon in September 2016.

HCHC's director Sarah Worne and homeopath Rowena Doble headed the team, which was joined from time to time by homeopathic students in the area.

Sarah created the HCHC concept to bring Homeopathy right into the heart of the community and to support new homeopaths into the practical role of working out-in-the field. She has been in practice for over twenty five years  and has a great deal of experience in setting up independent practices as well as working in GP surgeries and multi-disciplinary clinics. Her vision is to make the use of homeopathy more affordable and available by bringing it into communities under a recognised brand offering needed preventative health care information to the general public.

Rowena Doble is a dedicated homeopath who has many years of experience of patient-centred care in the UK, Nepal, Greece and Canada. For over 25 years, her passion for homeopathy and her love of travelling have led her to study widely and lecture internationally.


Rowena sums up her first three months work at South Brent:

“Being involved over the last 3 months with HCHC has been at times daunting, challenging and fulfilling! 

Most worthwhile endeavours are! And this is the delight of working within HCHC; it is a long overdue, refreshing approach.

We are working in a progressive way, going forwards together, with support from each other, and this feels a very optimistic, positive way to work as a Homeopath today!

An unexpected bonus has been the confidence created around the project, as I have seen my own practice ‘kick started’ in a way I hadn’t envisaged. After many years experience, my confidence has been ‘re-energised’ with this new approach, and I welcome this new model wholeheartedly. “

The South Brent pilot was run for six months and gave the project much understanding as to what was needed to further its vision. Further clinics are being created for the next generation of homeopaths, to encourage them to work out in the field to support their local communities.